Ingredient Factory Show in IFT 2018

Update Time: 2018-08-05 17:07


IFT Food Science and Technology Exhibition is the largest and most prestigious international food raw materials, food additives and science and technology professional exhibition and industry event in the United States. It timely reflects the latest situation of the transformation of global scientific and technological achievements into products in the food industry, reflects the direction and dynamics of the development of the food industry, and represents the world. The development trend of food science and technology industry.
2018.07.16-07.18 IFT Food Science and Technology Exhibition successfully concluded at the Chicago Convention and Exhibition Center.
Our company booth attracted numerous exhibitors and our salesmen always communicated with the exhibitors with enthusiasm and patience. The characteristics and advantages of the products were vividly displayed under the brilliant speeches of the salesmen. After the customers on the exhibition floor had a certain understanding of the company and the products, they all showed strong cooperation Intention.