YIMAKE Ingredient show in FIA2019

Update Time: 2019-09-15 17:10


Exhibition time: 11-13 September 2019
Venue: Asia-Thailand-Bangkok
Exhibition introduction
Fi Asia is a pan-Asian exhibition that attracts many food ingredient manufacturers. It provides a good opportunity for local, regional and global food ingredient suppliers to further expand their business opportunities in Asia, which has the most prospects for development and rapid growth of international and regional. We successfully get in contact with many customers during the exhibition, it is a good chance for us to develop this market through this exhibition.
Thailand pursued a policy of free economy and developed rapidly in the 1990s. It has become one of the "four tigers in Asia". Thailand is the only net exporter of grain in Asia, one of the five major exporters of agricultural products in the world, as well as a major producer and consumer of food. Thailand occupies an important position in the food market in Asia. The position of Thai food market, for Chinese food enterprises, hides greater business opportunities, and has gradually become the Asian food trade center, as well as an important platform for food trading in Southeast Asia and the world.