Hydrophilic Silicone Oil 8340


Hydrophilic Silicone Oil 8340 also known as hydrophilic fluffy silicone softener 8340, is a kind of multi-functional soft finishing agent, it is the widely used softener in textile industry.

It is suitable for polyester, polyester blended, polyamide fiber, acetate fiber and spandex fabric dyeing and finishing, gives the fabric durable hydrophilic, moisture absorption perspiration, antistatic, soil release performances, let polyester fiber and its blended fabric has some basic characteristics of natural fibers; gives polyester fiber fluffy and full hand feel.

Basic Character
Appearance: Slight yellow transparent solution
Solubility: Soluble in water
Ionicity: Nonionic
PH value: 6.0±1.0

1. Gives polyester fiber good fluffy and full hand feel.
2. Endow polyester fiber with excellent hydrophilicity, moisture absorption, perspiration, soil release, antistatic and other performances
3. Give fabric good soft, smooth handfeel, reduce fabric abrasion, crease, chicken scratch.
4. Can disperse and dissolve oligomer that produce at high temperature and pressure bath dyeing by polyester, improve the fabric color yield, brightness and smoothness.
5. This is Green Environmental Production product, free of APEO, NPEO, conform to Environmental standard of GB and OeKo - Tex100.