Model GFZG-1000/35 combined photovoltaic power generation transformer, also known as solar power generation transformer, is composed by a complete set of electrical equipment including step-up transformer, combined high pressure vacuum switch and fuse, low voltage switch, cable, bus-bar, input power transformer etc., all these parts are integrated into the overall protective cover, which realizes the advantages such as quick installation, high efficiency, strong anticorrosion and reasonable collocation, it is available to be used in the abominable natural environments including beach, grassland and desert.


GB/T17467-2010 High voltage / low voltage preinstalled substation;
DL/T537-2002 Selection Guide for high voltage / low voltage preinstalled substation;

Model GFZG-1000/35 Application Environments
Environment Items Item Requirements
Altitude ≤4000m
Temperature Max.+42℃, Min.-40℃
Wind Speed Outside wind speed≤45m/s
Humidity Daily average≤95%, Monthly average≤90%
Shockproof Horizontal acceleration≤0.4m/s, Vertical acceleration≤0.15m/s
Environment No flammable gas machine in the surround, no violent vibration.
Inclination Installation position slope ≤3°
Remarks: in case the real environment exceeds the requirements, please contact us for technical arguments.