Model ZGS-ZF-2200/35 combined wind power generation transformer, is composed by integrated installation of step-up transformer, load switch, split switch, low voltage switch, high voltage fuse and other auxiliary equipment into the integral protective cover, the combine transformer use the insulation oil of transformer as insulation medium of the whole product, and the oil tank adopts a fully sealed structure. This model has the advantages of small volume, light weight and convenient installation; it has been widely applied in wind power generation.

GB1094-2008 Power transformer;
JB/T10217-2013 Combined transformer;
GB/T6451-2008 Technical parameters and requirements of three phase oil immersed power transformer;

Model ZGS-ZF-2200/35 Application Environments
Environment Items Item Requirements
Altitude ≤4000m
Temperature Max.+42℃, Min.-40℃
Wind Speed Outside wind speed≤45m/s
Humidity Daily average≤95%, Monthly average≤90%
Shockproof Horizontal acceleration≤0.4m/s, Vertical acceleration≤0.15m/s
Environment No flammable gas machine in the surround, no violent vibration.
Inclination Installation position slope ≤3°
Remarks: in case the real environment exceeds the requirements, please contact us for technical arguments.