SCB Series Cast Resin Transformer Features
The iron core is made of high quality magnetic cold-rolled silicon steel sheet 45 degree full inclined joint, multi-step lap connected, it can effectively reduce the no-load consumption and noise, the core use insulation tape bandage, core and clamps are coated with moisture proof antirust paint;
The transformer coil heat resistant grade is F, high voltage coil with double glass fiber wrapped copper wire, and use glass grid reinforced; the epoxy resin poured with fillers under vacuum condition has high mechanical strength and flame retardant capacity; low voltage coil with copper foil winding, highly consistent with the high tension coil reactance, the ampere turns balance realizes the high ability of anti-short-circuit;
The cooling mode generally adopts natural air cooling. In this case, it can continuously output 100% rated capacity. When customers need it, forced air cooling can be adopted. In this case, the output of transformer can exceed the nameplate rated load 40% and run continuously.
This series of transformers have no protective cover under normal conditions, protection grade IP00, if the customer needs to install IP20 or IP23 protective cover we can offer;

Application Environments
Environment Items Item Requirements
Altitude ≤1000m
Temperature Max.+40℃, Min.-40℃
Moisture Environment air moisture ≤90%
Environment No steam and chemical dust, no explosive and corrosive medium.
Remarks: in case the real environment exceeds the requirements, please contact us for technical arguments.