SGN Series Dry-type Transformer Features
The iron core is made of high quality magnetic cold-rolled silicon steel sheet 45 degree full inclined joint, multi-step lap connected, it can effectively reduce the no-load consumption and noise, conforms GB/T1022 and GB20052 standard;
The coil is processed with V1P vacuum pressure impregnating technic, which enables it characters of good short circuit current endurance and short circuit resistance; meanwhile, the transformer adopts H class insulation (180℃) which uses DuPont NOMEX as the main insulation material, so it has good short time overload tolerance and insulation capacity;
The materials used in the product have the properties of flame retardant, non-toxic, self-extinguishing and fireproof, and the endurable oxygen limiting index is more than 20.8;
The installation and maintenance of the products are simple, the comprehensive operation cost is low, and the material can be recycled for environmental protection;

Application Environments
Environment Items Item Requirements
Altitude ≤1000m
Temperature Max.+40℃, Min.-15℃
Moisture Environment air moisture ≤90%
Environment No steam and chemical dust, no explosive and corrosive medium.
Remarks: in case the real environment exceeds the requirements, please contact us for technical arguments.