B Grade High Voltage Reactor Series Product Features
This series reactor adopts high quality cold-rolled silicon steel, the core columns composed by multiple uniform small air gaps, and the air gap separator adopts professional binding material to ensure that the air gap does not change in the operation, at the same time it has function of noise reduction, meanwhile the iron core surface made special anti-moisture and antiseptic treatment;
The coil upper and lower ends of the coil use silicon rubber shockproof pad, which can effectively reduce the vibration of the coil in operation.
The product and power capacitor can be effectively connected with the power grid to suppress the higher harmonics in the power grid, limit the inrush and operation overvoltage, improve the system voltage waveform, improve the power factor of the grid, and protect the power capacitor and the safe operation of the power equipment.
Heat resistant grade of the series of products is B class; the heating of normal operation is less than 75K;

Application Environments
Environment Items Item Requirements
Altitude ≤1000m
Temperature Max.+40℃, Min.-40℃
Moisture Environment air moisture ≤90%
Environment No steam and chemical dust, no explosive and corrosive medium.
Remarks: in case the real environment exceeds the requirements, please contact us for technical arguments.