Chemical Material

Yimake chemical factory is a professional manufacturer of span and tween series non-ionic surfactant and textile fabric auxiliaries.
The factory was started since 2005, with the total asset about 60 million dollars, and the workshop covers an area of about 30,000 square meters with about 150 employees.
The main productions 
are widely applied as surfactant or industry auxiliaries in many industries including textile, printing and dyeing, paint, chemical fiber, medicine, pesticide, chemical fertilizer, rubber, plastic etc., the productions are mainly used as emulsifying agent, dispersing agent, leveling agent, penetrating agent, softening agent, antistatic agent, refining agent, thickening agent, pearling agent, release agent, fixing agent, pesticides, softener, cleaner, deformer agent and so on.
The present annual capacity is about 15,000 metric tons, and have been exporting to many countries including Australia, America, Africa, Southeast Asia and Middle East etc.